Flight delays are common, and under EU law, compensation is available for thousands of individuals who experience problems with flights. But, many people aren’t aware they’re due a refund.

Claims companies handling flight delays have a large market of potential customers. According to recent research by Which?, the number of UK flight delays increased dramatically for many of the major airlines between 2014 and 2018. Although not all these delays are eligible for compensation, the sheer number of delays means many flights do qualify for customers to make a claim. However, many customers are unaware they could get compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight.

In 2014, two landmark court rulings opened the opportunity for even more consumers to claim for delayed flight compensation. EU regulation 261/2004 means people can claim for flight delays of 3 hours or more dating back up to seven years. This regulation does not apply to flights outside the EU. Will this right to claim be affected by Brexit? In 2018, the government passed the EU Withdrawal Bill, which allows EU legislation to transfer into UK law. It is highly likely that this regulation will be adopted by UK law, although it will no longer be protected by EU legislation so subsequent governments could repeal or change it. 

Companies managing flight delay claims can be highly profitable. Unlike PPI claims, there is no deadline for flight delay claims and flights will continue to be delayed. In recent weeks, some airlines have cancelled up to a quarter of flights due to the coronavirus pandemic — a trend sure to continue for the foreseeable future.

To run the business efficiently and cost-effectively claims management software is essential. It enables staff costs to be kept low, as the system manages claims and can handle work previously performed manually. This work includes chasing up with the airline if they don’t respond and contacting customers regarding their case.

Who Can Make an EU Flight Delay Claim?

The EU regulation has certain restrictions and regulations for claims. These are as follows:

  • Claims are for EU regulated flights. This means the flight departed from an EU airport or an EU airline was going to an EU airport. For example, an Air France flight from Paris to Berlin would be acceptable because Air France is a European airline heading to an EU airport.
  • The flight must be delayed by over three hours or cancelled.
  • Despite not being EU countries, the regulations include airports in the following countries: Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.
  • The delay or cancellation must be the fault of the airline. This means delays due to severe weather conditions or political unrest will not be accepted. But, delays due to staffing issues or under bookings are valid.

The longer the flight delay and the further the distance of the flight equates to greater compensation. For flights covering 3,500km or more, with over four hours delay, consumers can receive a maximum of €600 per person.

The Best Claims Management Software

Using a claims company is one way to claim compensation against the airline. A claims company will gather all the relevant flight details and contact the airline on a customer’s behalf.

They can manage the claim using claims management software. This software keeps all the essential information stored in one place and can monitor when a response is received from the airline.

Flight delay claims don’t always result in large payouts. This means keeping costs low and managing as many claims as possible is crucial. Logiclaim claims management software has integrated features that can chase for outstanding invoices and calculate the fees due for each claim. This makes managing the claims process significantly easier for businesses.

Benefits of Logiclaim Software:

  • Quick and easy onboarding — via the client mobile app, introducer portal and dialler integration. Documents are photographed and uploaded via the mobile app.
  • Fast and automated processing — customise workflows and auto-generate chaser correspondence for an effortlessly efficient claims process. The software easily handles bulk claims and integrates with incoming apps and services.
  • Efficient payments — plan payments and automate billing and invoicing for a fast and accurate payment system.
  • Security — Logiclaim ensures data is protected. Users have full control over access privileges.
  • Advanced document management — create client files and store all information and details of previous interactions in one central location, accessible to all relevant personnel.
  • Electronic signatures — customers can sign documents electronically using the mobile app, reducing the delay caused by posting out documents.
  • Process workflow — customers are kept up-to-date with notifications regarding the progress of their claim.

Our claims management software is the ideal solution for companies who need to process a large volume of flight delay claims. Reduce delays, cut costs and boost efficiency with Logiclaim software.

Contact us for a free demo of flight delay claims management software. Our LogiClaim software has allowed claims companies to handle a large volume of claims and keep customers up to date throughout the process.

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