How much does it cost?

With LogiClaim, you can process any claim type and even run high volumes of relatively low value claims very profitably.

Collaborative approach

Over the years, we have worked in close collaboration with our customers to take LogiClaim to new levels. Its powerful automation introduces huge efficiencies and slashes the costs of processing claims manually.

Per claim licence model: With volume discounts

Our licence fee is based on the number of claims you process on the system. For each claim that you process there is a single one-off charge as a pay as you go service. The more claims you process, the more you benefit from the system. As a result, the fee per claim depends on the type of claim and includes volume discounts.

Installation: £950

For a one-off fee of £950, we install the system on a dedicated server for you. This optimises performance and ensures LogiClaim is not affected by others users.

Branding: £300 - £500

Want your company’s branding to appear on your customer-facing LogiClaim portal? No problem. We provide a branding service, the cost of which depends on the complexity of your brand, but is typically between £300-£500.

Consultation/Training: £95 per hour

Our consultation and training service is offered at an hourly rate of £95. Once we know your requirements, we will estimate the number of hours you’ll need before providing this service.

Product Extension

LogiClaim can be extended and adapted to suit your needs. Before carrying out any such work, we will assess your requirements and provide a cost estimate to deliver what you need.

Third Party Costs


LogiClaim can be hosted on a local server or in the cloud. We recommend using Azure for cloud hosting. A typical fee to Microsoft for a standard installation including full backup and recovery plans is in the region of £180 per month.

SMS Messages

LogiClaim integrates with other third party providers to send sms texts. They typically charge about 4p per message.

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