Technical Stuff/FAQ

The system can be hosted on your own in-house servers or in the cloud. It requires a Windows server and uses Microsoft SQL Server to store the data plus IIS. We typically perform new installations on an Azure VM and are happy to arrange the full installation and configuration for you.

We operate a per-claim licensing model. Please see our pricing page for more details.

Every company has their own reporting requirements, and we typically build reports for new clients on request. Our report building tool allows us to create these extremely quickly.

Yes, you certainly can. We can easily track the use of pixels when new leads are created.

Yes, the software is designed to be easily customisable. You can use it to manage client relationships as well as process your clients’ claims more efficiently.

Powerful reporting modules give you fast, built-in search and report facilities. In addition, a configurable reporting suite can be easily tailored by us, or by your own SQL-skilled programmers to meet your specific requirements.

Very secure. We are well aware that you will hold sensitive data about your clients and their businesses. So we have developed LogiClaim to ensure data is well protected. You will have total control over accessibility, with the ability to assign and manage permissions for different user groups.

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