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Process high volumes of claims effortlessly

LogiClaim is the ideal solution for automatically processing high volumes of claims with minimal human input required.

You can use it to automate the key steps you’ll typically find in the finance-related claims process. These include:

DSAR requests with lenders/defendants

Bespoke complaint and follow-up correspondence

FOS /FSCS escalation

With LogiClaim, there is far less need for you to manually write documents. The system can automatically create bespoke letters, emails and sms messages for you, with content that is based on the status and information associated with each claim.

With LogiClaim, you don’t need to manually set diary entries to chase clients or defendants for a response. Whenever you send an initial communication to a defendant, client or other third party, the system will automatically chase them for a response until you either receive a reply or the file is reviewed.

You can use LogiClaim to save time and keep your customers happy and up to date with no effort by automatically:

  • Sending customers progress update emails and or text messages

  • Giving them access to a live feed on the client portal that displays the full claim timeline and history

LogiClaim gives you manual options too

LogiClaim is not all about automation! You can still perform manual tasks during the claims process if you prefer. This is often required when dealing with more complex matters, or if you are responding to detailed queries from the defendant, Ombudsman or FSCS.

Create documents from templates

LogiClaim lets you easily manually create documents based on precedent templates with a single click.

Manual chasers

You can also easily manually schedule follow-up chasers. These will appear in the relevant users task list to be dealt with when required.

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