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Billing your clients

With LogiClaim, generating a client bill is a piece of cake, regardless of how you bill.

Percentage-based billing

If you’re charging clients on a No Win No Fee basis, based on a percentage of the offer made in the event of a successful claim, LogiClaim simplifies the process and ensures you get paid by:

Auto calculating the bill based on agreed percentage and, if regulated, by the FCA band

Enabling you to raise an invoice and schedule a series of chasers with the click of a button

Making it easier for clients to pay you online using our Stripe integration

Charging for your time

We know that solicitors often bill by charging for their time based on units. LogiClaim makes doing this really easy so that you can:

Automatically identify the fee band of the user who is logging time

Record manual fee notes based on time or units

Generate fee notes automatically using our workflow engine to generate documents

Raise disbursements

Generate a comprehensive bill of costs with a single click

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