Intuitive onboarding agent portal

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Capture details of potential claims customers in a few simple steps

LogiClaim makes it easy for any agents or introducers you use to onboard new clients on your behalf.

Individual screens make it easy to fill-in personal and claim details

Integrated address finder

Dedicated section for uploading essential documents such as proof of ID and address

Built-in validation ensures claims can only be submitted with all the required details

Once complete, a single button initiates the internal processes

Agents and Introducers have secure access to the system in which they can only view their own clients and claims

Branding the portal

You can display your company name and logo on the portal to make LogiClaim look and feel a seamless part of your brand offering.

Other onboarding options

You can use this portal in conjunction with the following:

Customer portal

Offer your clients an intuitive means of completing personal and claim details, uploading documents and signing LOAs.

Powerful API

Our versatile API provides you and your introducers with a secure and flexible way to upload clients, claims and documents.

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