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Powerful document management

In addition to simplifying the generation of outgoing correspondence, LogiClaim also provides a rich and sophisticated fully integrated document management system for handling all your incoming correspondence.

Both incoming and outgoing messages are stored in a central location, making it extremely easy for you to quickly review all the correspondence associated with each claim.

Incoming Emails

LogiClaim streamlines how you handle incoming emails with a centralised solution:

All incoming emails are automatically fed into a centralised ToDo list for processing

Emails that are replies to outgoing, system-generated messages are automatically linked to the client and claim

Miscellaneous emails can easily be linked to the relevant client and claim

You can easily move any attachments within each email to the file history for future reference

Incoming Post

This can be linked to the relevant file once it has been scanned

LogiClaim increases your efficiencies still further by allowing you to process similar types of correspondence in batches

Workflow automation

Regardless of the type of incoming correspondence, LogiClaim provides you with a very simple solution to tag the relevant document and then automatically trigger follow-on tasks.

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