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When you’re managing high volumes of claims, it’s vital to know what’s going on at both a global and client and claim level.

LogiClaim empowers claims handlers and senior stakeholders by giving them immediate and accurate insights into the status of every claim.

Track Global Activity

With LogiClaim, you gain instant insights into the activities across all the claims you’re managing.

You can find out how well you’re keeping on top of all your outstanding tasks and assess employee performance via our global screens.

You also get to see an overview of all your outstanding scheduled tasks and completed actions in history via a summary and detailed views with instant filtering.

Get complete insight into all claim activity

LogiClaim provides a unified, simple view of all outstanding tasks and historical activity in a single screen. From this screen, you can quickly access details of all historical correspondence at client or claim level. Every document that is stored in history is time-stamped and can be easily viewed online.

Make your data work for you with MI (Management Information) reports

Every business has their own unique way of assessing company performance.

Our report builder understands this and provides you with the tools you need to create a personalised selection of MI reports. These will enable you to gain full understanding of how your claims are performing.

Built-in security ensures that reports are only made available to the people who need to see them.

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