EU (European Union) flight delay compensation is another thing that could be affected by Brexit.

Hardly a day goes by without some Brexit news in the UK. As Theresa May and the government attempt to further negotiate with European leaders, UK citizens and residents await an outcome and the impact it will have.

The future of EU laws in the UK is just one component of any deal that will have a dramatic impact. One of the many EU laws that benefit people in the UK is Regulation EC 261/2004. This law relates to EU flight delay compensation.

Travel is a big part of the livelihood of millions of Britons. But, Brexit is still leaving many unanswered questions about travel within the EU and what exactly will change when we eventually leave. British tourists spend £33 billion a year in Europe, and many of these trips to Europe are via flights from UK airports. When delays occur, compensation can be given to customers. But, could this change after Brexit?

Current EU Flight Delay Compensation Regulations

Many people may have never heard of Regulation EC 261/2004, but if your flight is delayed, it’s essential to learn what this law means. The rule allows you to claim compensation in certain circumstances if your flight is delayed or cancelled. Here are the terms attached to the regulation. You can receive compensation if:

  • The delay or cancellation is the airlines’ fault (bad weather or political unrest do not count)
  • The delay is three hours or more
  • The flight departed from an EU airport, or an EU airline was going to an EU airport.

Some non-EU countries are also included within the regulation, namely Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. The longer the delay and the further the flight, the higher the amount of compensation awarded. The highest refund is just under £600 per person.

The UK is the second country in Europe with the highest number of flight delays and cancellations. Although not all of these are over the three-hour threshold for compensation, there is still a need for regulations in the event of severe flight delays and cancellations.

What Will Happen to Compensation after Brexit?

The UK remains uncertain about whether it will leave the EU with any deal in the coming months. This uncertainty is causing turbulence in many industries as they are unsure of what will happen and how to prepare.

However, the government are keen to keep the EU flight delay compensation law. In 2018, the government passed the EU Withdraw Bill which allows EU law to be transferred into UK law. This means that EC 261 will remain valid in the UK after Brexit. But, once the UK has left the EU, any UK regulation will not be protected by EU law — meaning future UK governments can change the law on flight delay compensation if they so wish.

Claims Software for Flight Delay Compensation

For now, UK customers can continue to claim compensation if their flight is delayed by more than three hours or cancelled. To claim compensation, customers can contact the airline or use the services of a reputable firm who deal with flight delay compensation. The firm will contact the airline and include all of the relevant details.

Claims companies that handle flight delays know the correct contact information for each airline and can try to resolve the case swiftly for customers. With thousands of potential customers delayed by flights, flight delay software is essential for firms to keep on top of a large volume of claims.

Logican’s claims management software enables firms to process flight delay compensation claims for customers. Request a free demo from Logican to find out how it can help your business.

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