By using software to automate the claims handling process, companies can increase their profit margins and offer the highest standard of customer service. But before you can reap the benefits of claims software, you need to choose the best software for your company. 

Claims management software can automate the administrative tasks involved in claims handling. Data entry, customer communications, and billing tasks are transformed from time-consuming manual tasks to fast, automated processes. By streamlining everyday tasks, companies can save time and money, and ensure rapid settlement of claims. 

But for your business to make the most of these benefits, you need to choose the best claims management software for your company. The right software will support the various types of claims your company deals with, improve the efficiency of your claims management process, increase revenue and keep customers satisfied. So before investing in claims software, here are five questions to ask to ensure you choose the right option for your organisation. 

1: Will Your License Include Access to System Support? 

While claims management software should be simple and easy to work with, you may find you occasionally need help troubleshooting. For example, you may need support during the initial transition to the new software, questions may arise after software updates, or you may experience technical issues.

If you do experience any technical difficulties or have questions about the software, having access to system support can give your team peace of mind and make the transition to the new software easier. 

2: Can Software Be Customised to Support Different Types of Claims?

Some claims management software will be suited to processing specific types of claims, but it’s a good idea to choose software that applies to a variety of claim types. Some software, such as LogiClaim, is customisable. The capabilities can be adapted, without the need for additional development work, making the software suitable for processing a range of claim types. Choosing a versatile software gives your company room to grow and expand your capabilities. You will already have the tools in place to process different kinds of claims if you decide to branch out.

3: Will Customer Data Be Secure?

How customer data is stored is something you should consider when buying claims management software. The software you choose needs to help you comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR. So when enquiring about claims software, ensure it offers secure storage to protect customer information from data breaches. 

The GDPR also states customers should be able to access all of their personal data kept by a company. So claims software should offer a simple search function to make it easy to access specific files, as well as providing you with the ability to restrict and grant permission to certain user groups. 

4: Is Training for How to Use the Software Included?

Transitioning to a new software involves training staff to use the new program, but developing and delivering training modules can cost both time and money. So it’s worth considering if your claims management software includes training. 

Training is hugely important as this is how you’ll ensure staff understand the new claims handling process, their role within it, and how to use the software. Without adequate training, there’s a greater risk of human errors compromising the claims handling process or creating data insecurities. 

5: Is There a Free Demo Available? 

Some providers will offer a free demo of their software so your organisation can see a live interactive view of the software in action and ask questions about its suitability for your workplace. You’ll see how the software affects workflow, and how user-friendly it is for your staff.

If your team gets along well with the new software, you can invest in a license or subscription. But if it’s not a good fit for your business, you won’t have lost anything by trying the free demo. Free demos eliminate the risk of investing in software, only to later find out it’s not suitable for your business. 

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