GDPR means companies are required to keep clients’ personal data private and secure. At Logican, this is one of our top priorities.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 replaces the Data Protection Act 1998.

The development of technology over the past 25 years means that even more personal data is stored online. The need for personal data to be kept safe is of vital importance. The GDPR regulations have come into force in all EU countries, requiring businesses to make sure any data they have on record is kept private and secure. For consumers, it means they have a right to know what information a company has about them and the right for this data to be deleted.

For all businesses, keeping clients’ personal data secure should be a top priority. At Logican, we create a variety of business processing software for various companies and industries. We have created software which works to keep all data safe — this vital feature gives clients peace of mind that the personal information they store is protected.

How Is Logican’s Software GDPR Compliant?

Logican’s software has always been built with security as the number one consideration. But since GDPR came into effect, we’ve reviewed all of our business processing software and have broken down the measures we’ve taken to ensure our software is GDPR compliant.


  • Our system is installed on our clients’ premises
  • The entire database is encrypted at a server disk level
  • Database backups are individually encrypted at file level
  • Documents in history are individually encrypted at file level

These encryptions ensure the maximum level of security in the software.

DSAR (Data subject access request)

  • There is a permission-based facility to export all client correspondence

Right to be forgotten

  • There is a permission-based facility to delete all client details and correspondence at their request.
  • There is a facility to set up a Windows service that automatically deletes clients whose claims have all been in a configurable status for a user-set period

Maintenance and preservation of anonymity

  • In the event we need to take a copy of the database for maintenance purposes, we anonymise all sensitive client contact information first

Why Keeping Data Safe Is so Important

In 2017, Equifax had a data breach, which led to over 100 million consumers’ data being stolen in the US, and some 400,000, in the UK. This year, Facebook came under heavy scrutiny as 87 million users were affected by a data breach. With the GDPR regulations now in place, companies that experience such levels of data breaches within the EU will pay a considerable fine.

Our business processing software is designed for many different companies and industries, from claims companies to those working in debt management. Many of the companies that we provide software to have built up a strong reputation within their industry.

If a data breach were to happen, these businesses would suffer immensely, leading to potentially irreparable damage to their respective reputations.

This is why, at Logican, we strive to make our software as safe as possible for our clients. If you have any more queries about how we keep data safe, please do not hesitate to ask us.

All of Logican’s software is GDPR compliant, allowing your clients to feel safe in the knowledge that the data you store is secure. Call us today to discuss how our business processing software can benefit your company.

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