Funeral Plan Management Software

LogiPlan. The powerful automation tool for effortless management of funeral plans

If you manage funeral plans, LogiPlan provides you with a fully featured, easy to use tool to regulate payment plans, manage trust funds, streamline workflows and maximise productivity.

Designed specifically for Funeral Plan management, LogiPlan is easily adjusted to reflect changes in legislation or procedure should this be required.

Logican’s funeral plan management software automates repetitive tasks linked to both incoming and outbound communications on each client. You can upload your own document templates and edit the workflow yourself, avoiding the need to have us do this for you.

LogiPlan’s extensive capabilities and options are simple to self-customise, to match your specific requirements and processes. Once configured, the solution is highly intuitive, making it simple for plan agents and call centre operators to pick up without any need for specialised training.

Create and Amend your own Workflow

LogiPlan is powered by the unique, Logican workflow engine, which places claims into ‘self-drive’, making it easy to bulk process these efficiently. Chaser letters, emails and SMS messages are all automatically generated when due, with appropriate follow-on actions being scheduled. Incoming correspondence automatically clears all outstanding chasers, scheduling appropriate follow-on actions.

Core features of LogiPlan

LogiPlan boasts a wealth of features and capabilities designed to manage your client, funeral director, and introducer relationships, and control all of your clients’ plans efficiently, making maximum use of automation.

Setup payment plans, manage funds and automate invoicing

Create and edit payment plans for any funeral plan combination of multiple amenities such as Flowers, Limousines or Church Service. Include interest-free periods and auto update funeral director costs with CPI adjustments. Automatically allocate funds according to actuarial guidelines. Auto-generate invoices and schedule automatic chasers.

Easy structuring and set up of each client’s details

LogiPlan lets you record each clients details. With the facility to track next of kin, client representative, funeral director and additional member plan as standard. It’s easy for you to set up your system precisely as you want it, with no need for our help.

Automatic generation of bespoke documents

You can automatically generate bespoke documents to clients and funeral directors, with appropriate clauses, phrases and mail merged data based on information supplied by your client.

Build your own efficient, progress-oriented workflows

Again, no help needed. Your managers can easily create and edit workflows to clients and funeral directors that automate follow-on tasks including reminders and chasers, scheduling these by time period or in response to received mail.

Set up and edit client records direct from your dialler system

Dialler Integration can be provided by us as a customisation, enabling your Plan Managers or Operators to create new client records, or open existing records, directly via your dialler system.

Powerful visibility of client activity

See a complete list of outstanding scheduled items, as well as a full history of all activity, including file notes for each client.

Access the information you need, fast

Powerful Reporting Modules give you built in Search and Report facilities. In addition, a configurable reporting suite can be easily tailored by us, or by your own SQL-skilled programmers, to meet your specific requirements.

Flexible Security

Assign and manage permission profiles for each user or each user group (such as Accounts, Admin etc), with total control.

Instant integration with essential apps and services

Incoming e-mail received in Outlook is sent directly to the appropriate client file. A powerful Scanning module with Barcode Recognition allows automatic assignation of incoming physical post to the relevant client file. Sophisticated Telephony and Dialler integration attaches incoming and outgoing calls to relevant client files. Royal Mail Postcode Lookup speeds up address entry.

Technical Requirements

LogiPlan is a standalone product designed to function in Windows based business environments. Requirements for running, using and managing LogiPlan, scanning in documents and sending and receiving emails and SMS messages are as follows:

Client PCs

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Processor 1.5GHz or above

Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 x 768

RAM 2-3GB depending on current usage (utilises 50-100MB approx)

Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 – Word, Outlook, Excel


Operating System Windows Server 2008, 2012

RAM-3-4GB depending on current usage (SQL Server requires about 700 MB min)

Microsoft SQL 2008, 2012, 2014 (Express Edition suitable for up to 5 users)

Systems with up to 2 users can use one PC in place of a server to reduce setup costs

IIS7 installed for web application


TWAIN Driver compliant

Network Access (For Installation and Support)

Team Viewer version 4 host installed on server

Email Server

An SMTP server, exchange or the SMTP server provided by your ISP. Hosting an SMTP on your local network will provide best performance


An Email-To-SMS service provider (such as must be subscribed to in order to enable SMS integration


Pricing and Licensing

Installing LogiPay

We charge a modest, one-off fee of £795 to install LogiPay for you onto your network.

User Licensing and Discounts

LogiPlan is licensed for use based on the number of users in your organisation. Volume discounts are negotiable.

License payment may be made on an Annual or Monthly basis. For customers wishing to make Annual payment, a discount is offered equivalent to 2 free months in each 12 month license.


Enabling LogiPlan to deliver the greatest possible benefits to productivity and efficiency in your business requires the package to be customised to meet the specifics of your activities and processes. The product is designed to make it easy to carry out this customisation yourself for all, commonly required scenarios. This is done simply by setting options and preferences within the intuitive admin interface.
Should highly specific extension beyond the normal functionality of the product be required, we will be pleased to discuss this with you and to provide a quote for the development work required. You can find more information on our Integration and Customisation page.

Should highly specific extension beyond the normal functionality of the product be required, we will be pleased to discuss this with you and to provide a quote for the development work required. You can find more information on our Integration and Customisation page.

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