The PPI deadline means consumers need to make their claims as soon as possible. Making a claim is simple if you know how to do it — or if you work alongside those who know how to do it.

There is little doubt by now that you’ve seen Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robotic head on the TV or on a poster yelling at you to “do it now!” This is in regards to the impending PPI deadline. Set by the Financial Conduct Authority, 29th August 2019 is the official date by which all PPI claims must be sent to banks and lenders.

As people hurry to make a claim within plenty of time, finding the easiest way to claim PPI is a top priority for many consumers. But, with busy lifestyles and a lack of paperwork, knowing how and when to start a claim can be challenging.

Fortunately, making a claim really is a very simple process if you have all of the correct information. To make it as easy as possible and for a high chance of success, a simple way to claim PPI is using the services of a high-quality claims management service.

Using a PPI Claims Company: The Easiest Way to Claim PPI

Not all claims companies cold call or charge high fees for their services. There are many honest and diligent companies out there to use.

A claims company will be able to handle all communication on your behalf and present your case. If you’re too busy or anxious about claiming, there is no better option. Want to find out more? Here is everything a company will do to aid you with your claim.

Identify if PPI Was Sold to You

For many people, this is the real challenge. How do you know if you had PPI? It could easily have been over 10 years ago that you had a credit card or loan. Reputable PPI claims companies have years of experience uncovering this information and know who to contact to find the crucial information you will need. If you don’t know where to start, they will.

Knowing Who to Contact

Many banks or lenders have been taken over or no longer exist. In these situations, customers may not know which organisation to contact. But, a claims company will have experience making claims to a plethora of companies and know who to contact to make a successful claim.

Making a Strong Case to the Bank

If you don’t feel confident knowing what to say to the bank or what to include when giving evidence that the PPI was mis-sold, a claims company is the simple solution. Having worked on a variety of PPI cases, they will know what to say and include to make the PPI claim as strong as possible.

Following up with the Bank and Financial Ombudsman

Chasing up your claim with the bank is a hassle that nobody needs. Hiring a company to take care of this for you means you can sit back and wait for the result. If your claim is rejected by the bank, it’s possible to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman (FOS). A PPI claims company can also do this for you, meaning you don’t need to deal with the claim for a second time.

Automated Updates About the PPI Claim

The best PPI claims companies use Logican’s PPI software, which has an automated follow-up feature. This means that when there is a development with your case, you will receive an update from the claims company.

Using a claims company (one that operates efficiently, above board, and utilises our software) really is the easiest way to claim PPI. Find a no win, no fee company and one that offers a competitive, fair fee for their services. The small fee is worthwhile when the process is been stress-free for you. Be aware that some companies may charge a cancellation fee after the 14-day cooling off period, please check the terms and conditions.

Logican’s PPI software is aiding the best PPI claims management companies to make claims on behalf of thousands of clients. If you want to make a PPI claim, use one of our trusted claims companies to act on your behalf.

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