Claims software is used by companies that help consumers to claim for delayed flight compensation. Why is this so important?

The summer holidays have officially begun in the UK, which means resorts across the globe will be populated with families going for a well-deserved break. The average number of holidays taken (both at home and abroad) has increased in the past five years, with 15% of consumers choosing to go on holiday abroad. Those with children over the age of five are more likely to go abroad, and summer is the best time to do this to avoid fines for taking children out of school.

However, not all holidays run smoothly, and flight cancellations and delays are common. In the UK, Luton airport is reported to have the worst flight delays, with the average plane leaving nearly 20 minutes late.

For those who face delays and cancellations this summer, choosing to make a claim for compensation should be a high priority. Companies utilising claims software are able to help those seeking a refund.

How Consumers Can Claim for a Flight Delay

Thanks to EU regulations, compensation is available for many customers who face flight delays. Essentially, the longer the flight is delayed and the further the distance of the flight, the more compensation a claimant is entitled to. Regulation EC 261/2004 outlines the rules for those claiming for flight delay compensation.

The regulation states that people can claim compensation for flights that are delayed, cancelled or overbooked. However, there are certain terms and conditions — the flight must be delayed for more than three hours and the delay cannot be the result of extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances could be severe weather or political unrest within a country.

Those wishing to make a claim can contact the relevant airline themselves with all of the appropriate information, or use the services of reputable flight delay claims company that will handle the claim on their behalf. Consumers should always look for a company that operates a no-win, no-fee policy, which means, if the claim does not warrant compensation, they won’t be charged for any work carried out. But, cancellation charges may apply after a 14-day cooling off period. Customers should always check the full terms and conditions.

How Companies Are Using Claims Software to Help Customers

With thousands of people leaving for their holidays every day during the summer, the likelihood of experiencing a delay is, unfortunately, likely.

For a small fee, claims companies will make a claim on behalf of customers, removing the hassle of them having to contact the airline themselves. Due to the increased amount of flights during the summer, only those companies using advanced flight delay claims software can effectively cope with the demand.

Specialist claims software enables companies to keep a record of all cases, as well as store critical information in a single location. Details including passenger names, flight numbers, dates, length of delays and more are all key pieces of information that must be used to successfully make a claim.

But claims software specifically for flight delays is even more advanced, allowing businesses to track correspondence and chase up airlines. Payment plans and reminders can be implemented to monitor when a customer is due to — or has — paid their fee. The software can also produce accurate financial projections, based on the claims logged in the system and payouts received.

Perhaps most importantly, flight delay claims software keeps data safe and is GDPR compliant. Consumers need to be assured that their personal information is secure, while claims companies too need to ensure compliance to prevent data breaches, fines and irreparable damage to reputation.

Logican’s claims software enables flight delay companies to handle a large volume of claims. Request a free demo of our solution to see how it works.

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