With personal injury claims on the rise, claims software is giving claims management firms a big helping hand

Just like any other business, the number one priority of a claims management firm handling personal injury cases is to increase the amount of claims they deal with. That is where claims software comes in.

More claims, when successful, result in more revenue, of course. But it is one thing for a claims firm to market itself and attract more business; it is something else entirely to process growing numbers of claims. As there is a general deadline of three years from the time of a personal injury accident that was not the victim’s fault to making a claim, the pressure to process claims is on.

Here at Logican, our business is helping claims firms, including those in the personal injury sector, to efficiently and quickly deal with rising caseloads so they grow their revenue and are more profitable. We know the pitfalls of taking on more claims than an operation can handle. The risks are real — not only to the company and its reputation, but its clients, too.

Rising Personal Injury Claims

As more people around the UK have become aware of their rights as consumers and members of the public, they have gone ahead with personal injury claims when they are affected. The most common types of personal injury claim are those resulting from road traffic accidents and injuries at work. That may include long-term illnesses caused by exposure to toxic substances, such as asbestosis.

There are many other kinds of personal injury claims, too, including minor accidents that frequently occur in public spaces (slips, trips or falls in shops or other places of business). Medical negligence has also become a substantial part of the claims business here in the UK, with many people who have suffered malpractice in hospitals or clinics making their own claims. Holiday illness claims are on the rise, too.

It is clear that with so many different claims areas and with the public not hesitant to take a case when they are injured, caseloads at claims management companies can quickly rise sharply and leave them swamped. Mistakes in handling claims can increase, leading to unhappy clients and potential financial damage to the firm that can be difficult to recover from.

Claims Software: The Way Forward

With three million people around the UK being injured in accidents annually and many of them making claims, it makes firm business sense for personal injury claims that want to grow to use claims software. The entire process becomes automated and claims firms find they are easily able to take on more claims cases than they ever thought possible.

This is without the need to invest heavily in additional personnel and office space. In fact, the only real investment for this kind of sophisticated assistance is a relatively small initial outlay and licensing payments, dependent on the number of users. Claims software such as ours here at Logican is designed to be so user-friendly that anyone at any level of an organisation can quickly get to grips with it.

Now, high-volume personal injury claims has become commonplace — and it is not limited to personal injury, either. The best claims software can be easily set up to handle any type of claim, from payment protection insurance to flight delays, packaged bank accounts to mortgage mis-selling claims. It makes branching out into these growing claims areas effortless. That is something any claims firm can build on.

Want to know more about how claims software can boost your claims handling process? Get in touch with Logican. We will tell you everything you need to know to help make your claims firm more efficient and profitable. Contact us today.

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