The Vital New Tool in the Claims Business: Intelligent Claims Software


Getting ahead of the claims competition and carving out ever-larger slices of market share has never been easy. With intelligent claims software, the path is clear.

When we established Logican, we wanted to provide cutting-edge business software that would make the key work of companies much easier and enable them to quickly grow their revenue streams. That is not something generic software can always do, so we set about creating management software systems that were customisable and clever, especially for — but not limited to — the claims industry.

You could call it intelligent claims software. It really is the evolution of software and, indeed, our society. Look around you and everything is becoming brainier. In a short period, our mobile phones have gone from relatively dull bricks to “smart” phones capable of doing almost anything. The emerging Internet of Things is promising to literally transform our lives, by connecting everyday appliances like washing machines and fridges to the internet and making them, in turn, intelligent. Cars are starting to develop intelligence of their own and will soon be whisking us about without any human input.

Software, of course, forms the backbone of all these exciting advances in technology that are making our lives easier and more enjoyable. In our business, we are doing the same for our clients with intelligent claims software. We are not saying it is going to robotically take over an office and dictate the workflow. What it does do is remove the heavy-lifting burden, while helping to make claims companies more efficient and profitable.

Smart Claims with Intelligent Claims Software

Technological developments often result in a reduced need for manual labour, and in this we are no different. From the beginning with our software, we aimed to cut the vast amount of time it takes to handle all sorts of claims. That includes everything from PPI to flight delays, mortgage mis-selling, packaged bank accounts and more.

Many of these claim sectors are still developing. By that, we mean the legislative landscape can shift and change, requiring claims companies to follow suit or encounter difficulties. This is certainly the case in the PPI sector, where the authorities have now decided to impose a deadline on such claims. Our intelligent claims software is designed so that it can easily be adapted to changes in the law or procedures as they happen, meaning claims companies do not miss a beat.

Additionally, our market-leading intelligent claims software eliminates the sheer volume of repetitive tasks associated with high levels of claims caseloads. Dealt with manually, it can be costly and time-consuming, and it can sometimes lead to many problematic errors.

An Intuitive Software Solution

Our designers have created intelligent claims software that gives firms an additional step up by being highly intuitive to their needs. We configure it just the way each individual claims firm wants it. From there, anyone dealing with the claims — operators in call centres or claims handlers — can use it without having to first undergo extensive training.

At the heart of our intelligent claims software is our very own workflow engine. Just like the automated cars now making their way onto the roads, what this core of our software does is turn the claims process into what we call “self-drive” mode. This confers the distinct competitive advantage on claims firms of being able to easily deal with large volumes of claims. The result is more revenue, more market share and more profits.

At Logican, there’s nothing artificial about our intelligent claims software. It is the real thing.

To find out more about claims software designed to handle growing caseloads so companies can do more and earn more, contact Logican today. Our experts are available to talk to you about your business and how we can make it more efficient and profitable.