What is the best onboarding software and how can automation help with client onboarding?

When selecting the best onboarding software for your business, you want your involvement after the initial set up to be minimal. Your main objective is to simplify client onboarding so that after the software is set up, onboarding can be completed without any further input from you. 

Why Automate Your Client Onboarding Software? 

Logican Software can automate client onboarding through templates customised to your specific needs. These custom-built forms — tailored by you — mean you can capture all necessary information in one go, to save back and forth between you and your client. During the claims management process, the onboarding software will supply automated fields for the specific data you need from your client. You set the templates based on your requirements and can cover anything from personal information to details of the claim. Having all this customer data in one place reduces the need for you to go back directly to your customer for additional information. These great examples of customer onboarding demonstrate that — when done well — the customer experience will be more positive. By automating your client onboarding, you can streamline your business processes. 

Business Benefits of the Best Onboarding Software 

The best client onboarding software will save you time, allowing you to work more effectively. Automating your onboarding software means, after a small initial investment of time, you will reap the benefit in the long run. Switching to automated software will reduce the time spent by your team on the phone, capturing client data and prevent wasted resources, like staff manually inputting your clients’ data into online forms. As well as saving you time, onboarding software will save money and resources that you can reinvest into other, more profitable areas of your business. 

By tailoring automated web forms, you can also ensure you are capturing all the necessary information and no data is missed. The Logican onboarding service includes a full consultation to gain a complete understanding of your business needs, so you can rest assured the data you require is included in your onboarding automation. From personal information to submitting claims evidence, you can select what needs completing in each stage of the onboarding process. Clients won’t be able to submit forms with missing information, so the onus is on the customer to make sure they’re meeting the requirements of the onboarding process. It’s a great idea to be as specific as possible when identifying what you will include in your automated onboarding. This will leave your customers with as few questions as possible when completing the form, which minimises their need to clarify any information that needs submitting. If any part of the client’s onboarding journey feels confusing or vague, this will be a deterrent to potential customers. By automating the process, and making it detailed and self-explanatory, you can control that element of the customer experience, and remove any barriers to them using your service. 

Automating more manual and administrative tasks like client onboarding will reduce the chance of errors and gaps in client information. It will strengthen your business processes by creating a more consistent template for the data you’re capturing. You can tweak the onboarding software to benefit your business practices for how you store and use that data once obtained. 

Client Benefits of Automated Onboarding Software 

Capturing your customer data in one place, in one go, will speed up your processes and ultimately result in a smooth onboarding experience for you and your customer. This enhanced level of customer service makes your service accessible, and the easier the process, the more likely it is that your customer will recommend you. Because the customer is solely responsible for submitting their information, they won’t be waiting for a back and forth of correspondence from your business. Automating your onboarding software will speed up the process, and a quick and easy onboarding process makes it more appealing to your client.

From a customer point of view, a feature of the best claims management software is that it will remember you on your return visit. If your onboarding software is easy to use and straightforward for a client, they will return to you with future claims. And as a returning client, you want to make them feel their return is welcome! Automated tools can make this process accessible and quick. When a client returns with their second claim, your software will auto-populate their details from the data previously captured. By taking the time to add these software features to your client onboarding process, you incentivise your customers to come back. A user-friendly interface is an experience customers will share with and recommend to their friends, which will benefit your business. 

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