The Uses And Value Of Debt Management Software

How Debt Management Software Can Help Your Business

If you are running a debt management business or an insolvency firm and you are noticing a steady increase in your workload, there is a good chance that your business could be aided and expedited with the use of debt management software. If you are in the business, it is likely that you have considered the benefits and value of this software in the past, but as technology advances and becomes more intuitive, debt management software has more to offer than ever before.Even smaller firms with more modest workloads are seeing the benefits that software is affording them with regards to time and money saved.

Below are a few ways in which debt management software such as LogiDebt can be utilised to facilitate day-to-day processes, streamline workflow and increase compliance.

Important data is centrally stored

Debt management businesses deal with a huge amount of information. As our client lists grow, so too does our need for efficient, automated systems to deal with this data. Traditional, paper-based solutions are ineffective and outmoded in this day and age. Overuse of paper is not only damaging to our environment, but it can also seriously damage your company’s bottom line. A considerable amount of money is spent each year on paper in traditional offices, more than half of which is waste. The use of software negates the need to print out paper, use valuable real estate to store it and cuts the time required to find important paperwork when necessary.

When a company utilises software, once any relevant and pertinent data is entered into the system, this same information is safely and centrally secured using cloud technology. Information is password protected, meaning that only authorised personnel will be able to access private documents. Documents can be viewed and edited from any device, on the move. This is particularly relevant in this modern day where telecommuting is increasingly popular. Updates and alterations to case details can be made in real-time, allowing for heightened team collaboration.

Routine (but critical) tasks are automated

With the use of software, certain tasks can be automated, thereby freeing up you and your staff, who are able to better spend their time elsewhere. These tasks include payment collection, bank reconciliation, document generation and payment plan calculations. This automation essentially eliminates the likelihood of human error occurring. Human error is one of the greatest obstacles to organisational success – any steps we can put in place to mitigate costs incurred from this error are invaluable.

Software can be used to manage and drive the repayment of each debt, which saves companies a high amount of stress and time when a large volume of cases are involved. It can also be used to automatically generate emails and text messages to clients, assign tasks and set calendar reminders for specific events. In fact, virtually any routine task can be automated by your debt management software package, leaving you to get on with more important work. LogiDebt is highly customisable and we pride ourselves on its ability to manage client debt and relationships efficiently.

Software can scale to a high case load

Once you have software installed, its features are highly scalable to a thriving business. Your Management Information (MI) is greatly facilitated due to the automated nature of the software, thereby helping you to steer your business in the right direction. Whether you have one client or a thousand, debt management software can still be relied upon to comprehensively track client finances, income, expenditure and assets.  Software is easily able to track and display client details, the status of client debt as well as current payment plans. It can even automatically perform instant calculations regarding the best debt solution to suit each client.

Good software is intuitive and easy to use

All good software is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. On top of this, it can be customised, meaning that it can be designed to perfectly fit in with the unique requirements and processes of your business. The intuitive nature of modern debt management software means that no specialised training will be required, saving agents, debt management companies and insolvency practitioners time and money.

Compliance can be seriously increased

Software can provide great peace of mind when it comes to adhering to compliance regulations and audit trails. When records are paper-based or simply stored on a computer without the appropriate software, document are subject to fraud and tampering. Information can be lost or forged. Software can be used to make sure that documents are consistent, automated and traceable, ensuring efficiency at all times. Documents can also be signed and secured using digital signatures, which are based on globally-accepted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standards and make use of advanced multi-factor authentication, meaning that your documents cannot be tampered with or altered.

To find out more about how debt management software can help you and your company, get in touch for a free demo of LogiDebt. We at Logican will be happy to help you.