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Logican Product Extension

Our customers say that Logican products meet 95% of their requirements right out of the box. That’s great, but our aim is always to provide 100% satisfaction.

That’s why we offer product extension services for all Logican software. These add extra functionality to your business management software.

How it works

Our developers will work with you to tweak and customise our existing products to improve the efficiency of your workflow.


You know your business better than anyone. We know how to make our software work for you. Through us consulting with you at every stage of the product development process, we’ll get the best results.


We’ll analyse your business issues and processes to ascertain what changes we need to make to our software.


We provide a bespoke product extension that delivers the capabilities required to increase efficiency in all parts of your workflow.


We thoroughly road test all our product extensions to ensure they deliver everything that your business needs.


We only deploy our additional software elements when you’re 100% satisfied with the product extension.

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