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    If you are seeking an advanced, easy-to-use solution

    to transform the speed and efficiency with which you manage commercial or residential property portfolios, choose LogiPro. It is designed for:

    • Managing agents
    • Landlords
    • Surveyors
    • Accountants
    • Property syndicate managers

    LogiPro is intelligent property management software that will help you:

    Better manage your property portfolio

    Minimise your arrears

    Service your tenants more efficiently

    Automate repetitive and manual administrative processes

    There is no limit to the number of portfolios LogiPro will help you manage.

    It is secure, fast and highly scalable software that automates the management of:

    • Rent
    • Assets
    • Service Charges
    • Maintenance
    • Accounts
    • Syndicates

    What our customers say

    Yisroel Meir Weltscher

    Carlton Park Property Management

    “I would not be able to run my business without LogiPro, it does everything for me. Their support team are a pleasure to deal with”

    Andrew Berkley

    David Samuel Properties

    “We have found LogiPro to be extremely versatile, effective and a fantastic time and money saver. The staff are exceptionally knowledgeable & friendly and we strongly recommend it.”
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    How does LogiPro work?

    LogiPro is a powerful, feature-rich tool that makes managing any number of residential or commercial properties easy.

    The software has a wide range of capabilities enabling you to customise the product easily and then use it to efficiently manage unlimited property portfolios.

    Core Features

    Commercial and residential capabilities

    LogiPro seamlessly manages both commercial and residential properties. Full block management and service charge capability are included.

    Manage multiple portfolios

    LogiPro efficiently and effectively manages any number of portfolios across multiple limited companies and partnerships. LogiPro automatically raises rent demands, create payments receipts and schedules reminders for key dates.

    A comprehensive accounting solution

    LogiPro gives you fully integrated accounting functionality and comprehensive management facilities. It incorporates double entry accounting, transaction logging for complete accountability and transparency, single click HMRC MTD compliant VAT Returns, and a powerful bank reconciliation facility.

    Additional Features

    Online banking integration

    LogiPro integrates with your electronic banking facility to import payment information and automatically allocate payments against outstanding invoices.

    Handle any rent demand schedule

    Generate demands for any schedule, for fixed and stepped rent, including part apportionments.

    Keep on top of rent reviews

    Schedule automatic reminders and reference the full history of previous rent amounts.

    Flexible scan linking

    Scan and link incoming post to leases, properties, units and invoices.

    Reduce time spent on credit control

    Automate arrears letters and chasing using self-built templates and scheduling.

    Streamline syndicate management

    Calculates and distributes funds owed to syndicate investors

    Satisfy FDA compliance requirements

    Store all required documents for each investor in once central location.

    Manage all certificates

    Link electronic copies of certificates for utilities or maintenance against units or properties. Automatically generates reminders to relevant suppliers.

    Comprehensive reporting suite

    Access and export a wide range of property management and accounting reports.

    Powerful document creation and distribution

    Create SMS, Email and Microsoft Word documents using self-built templates and distribute to multiple contacts.

    Fully flexible control of access permissions

    Configure comprehensive permissions to define which parts of the system should be accessible by specific teams or individual staff members.

    Self-Customisation and extension

    Extend the system to grow with your business requirements. Easy to use and self-configure without advanced IT ability.

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    You can effortlessly manage all this with LogiPro

    Assets,Rent, Maintenance, Service Charges, Accounts, Syndicates


    • Companies
    • Tenants
    • Leaseholders
    • Properties
    • Units


    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Fixed Rent
    • Stepped Rent
    • Part Periods
    • Rent Free Periods
    • Set Frequency
    • Insurance Fees
    • Break Clauses
    • Rent Reviews
    • Deposits
    • Document Management


    • Jobs
    • Contractors
    • Estimates
    • Reminders
    • Certificates
    • Reports

    Service Charges

    • Budgets
    • Reconciliation
    • Schedules
    • Certificates
    • Frequencies
    • Reports
    • Reserves
    • Shortfall
    • Caps


    • Invoicing
    • Proforma
    • Payment Allocation
    • VAT (MTD compliant)
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Nominal Reports
    • Arrears Handling


    • Distribution
    • Reserves
    • Reports

    Ready to experience all the benefits of LogiPro?

    Schedule a brief call with the Logican team

    Book a free consultation

    LogiPro FAQs

    1. How many property portfolios can I manage through LogiPro?

      It’s unlimited. Such is the power and scalability of the software. LogiPro will be the last property management software package you need to buy.

    2. Can I customise features on LogiPro?

      We’ve made LogiPro easy to use and self-configure, but to get the most out of this advanced software, we do recommend you take our short training course, and then make use of the ongoing support we offer.

    3. Do I have to download LogiPro from the cloud?

      While LogiPro is available to download from the cloud, we are one of the few software companies who are prepared to install the software locally, should you prefer this.

    4. I’m assuming LogiPro will keep all my data safe?

      That’s correct. We take safety very seriously and have built-in security measures to protect the data you input into LogiPro. And you can control who has permission to access specific areas and information.

    5. How do I learn to use LogiPro?

      LogiPro is simple to use, but getting the most from this property software requires some degree of training and support. Although you will receive comprehensive online documentation, we recommend you take our short training course and use our in-depth business consultancy service during your first few weeks. This will be followed by ongoing support and guidance as required.

    6. How can I get LogiPro?

      That’s easy. Just schedule a call with one of the Logican team here

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    Make managing property portfolios awesomely efficient with LogiPro

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