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Free trial of 10 Experian credit reports

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Free trial of 10 Experian credit reports

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Free trial of 10 Experian credit reports

Experience the benefits of the Logican/Experian partnership

Logican has recently partnered with Experian to supply credit reports that are tailored to the specific requirements of Debt Management Companies and the IVA industry.

We now make it easier than ever to quickly access in-depth and reliable credit reports.

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Solving the problem of on-boarding new clients

When helping consumers resolve their personal debt issues through a Debt Management Plan or IVA, one of the most essential pieces of information you need before you can offer any advice, is details of their debt.

But often that’s difficult to get hold of.

Consumers struggling with debt don’t always remember which lenders they have borrowed from and often have difficulty supplying the account name and number, as well as the current balances of each loan.

Extracting this information from them can be challenging and time consuming. And often, the information they supply is inaccurate or incomplete, sometimes both.

Thanks to our partnership with Experian, getting hold of accurate and comprehensive debt information has just become a lot easier.

The benefits of using Logican to access Experian credit reports

Credit reports are provided by three credit bureaus in the UK. Experian is the one used by more lenders than any other and, as a result, their credit reports are the most accurate and comprehensive.

Having recently partnered with Experian, we are the only organisation licensed to re-sell their data to the debt industry in the UK.

It means we are in the unique position of being able to offer you the most accurate debt information for each of your prospective clients, including full unmasked account numbers.

What’s more, you can access them instantly and securely from our fully PCI compliant online portal.

How the Logican/Experian partnership works for you

To access detailed Experian credit reports via Logican, you simply enter the name, address and date of birth of each consumer into our portal to retrieve full details of all their debts.

As an alternative, the portal enables you to streamline your systems by integrating the Experian credit reports into your own software system via our API.

You can also update your back book easily and quickly by accessing multiple credit reports in a single batch.

Our online portal in action

Instant and secure access from our fully
PCI compliant online portal.

What our clients say

"Using the Logican credit report facility has helped our customers in a straightforward , easy and accurate way to show their lenders, balances and reference numbers for their loans, credit cards and mortgages etc. The speed of the platform is excellent and I would highly recommend this service."

Steven Wiseglass, Inquesta

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