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Onboard & Process Clients Debts Effortlessly

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    High volume IVA & Debt Management has never been so efficient

    Simple to use and highly effective, LogiDebt is a debt portfolio management tool that:

    Simplifies client onboarding

    Automates payment collection and redistribution

    Removes need for manual intervention of repetitive tasks

    Auto-generates correspondence

    Automatically schedules tasks

    Provides tools to effortlessly track high volumes

    Powered by the unique Logican workflow engine

    The software places each case into ‘self-drive’, making it easy to bulk process, manage and drive the repayment of debts.

    • Streamlines workflows
    • Increases productivity across your client portfolio
    • Automates and tracks large volumes of debt management cases
    Illustration, high volume debt management with LogiDebt

    What our customers say

    Jamie Hubbard

    Bernard Scott

    “After 15 years in the debt industry, the Debt and Iva module from Logican took me by surprise with its level of power yet ease of use. I would certainly recommend this product to any Insolvency Practice or Debt Management firm who are looking for a powerful but reliable and useful piece of software.”

    Onboard More Clients More Efficiently

    Introducer Portal

    Grant your introducers direct access to our white-label secure portal and integrate it into your website. It simplifies the capture of all personal, financial information and documents required to start processing their debt. Let your introducers access their own MI directly.

    Build a complete record of client finances

    Easily record income, expenditure, assets and dependants for each client. View details and the status of all client debts on one screen, all cross-referenced with appropriate lenders.

    Deliver the Best Advice

    LogiDebt auto-calculates best advice based on:

    LogiDebt auto-calculates best advice based on the client’s location, dependants. assets, debt and disposable income.

    This enables you to easily advise and accurately offer the best debt management solution, which could be Trust Deed, IVA, Debt Management Plan, Free Sector Help or something else.

    Personalise Onboarding Scripts

    Create your own personalised questionnaires for introducers and agents. Show questions based on answers to previous questions. Automatically display likely outcomes based on information entered.

    Easily pack and distribute client pack

    If you wish to hand over the processing of the client debts to another party. A single click creates a secure pack that can easily be passed on.

    Dialler Integration

    Pre-populate new clients with information capture in your dialler via API. Fully integrate with the introducer portal, giving dialler agent direct access to system for sales calls.

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    Collect and Redistribute Payments Effortlessly

    Automate payment collection plans

    Automatically calculate the net amount to be repaid based on income, expenditure and debt.

    Set-up fees, auto-schedule payments, track monies owed, auto chase monies due and auto update from electronic bank statements

    Simplify payment distributions

    LogiDebt redistributes received payments to each lender at the click of a button.

    Automate client bank reconciliations

    Via reading of electronic files downloaded from relevant bank.

    Process claims in bulk?

    Want a more efficient way to process claims in bulk? Let’s talk

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    Manage Correspondence

    Set and forget correspondence

    A single click launches the correspondence process with lenders and clients. Chaser letters, emails and SMS messages are all automatically generated when due, with appropriate follow-on actions being scheduled.

    Self-manage documents and templates

    Quickly self-configure document library with no software development required.

    Self-configure workflow

    Take advantage of the Logican workflow engine to easily configure your own personalised workflows. Ensure that tasks are automatically schedule to the right people at the right time.

    One-touch creditor meetings

    LogiDebt simplifies the arrangement and all associated correspondence related to creditor meetings.

    Create financial statements

    LogiDebt automatically converts all collated data into a comprehensive, easy to understand financial statements.

    Find Information Easily

    Fast access to information

    Powerful standard modules give you built-in search and report facilities.

    Unlimited MI

    Define, create and control user access to your own reports.

    Bordereaux reports

    Bordereaux reports for IVAs are included out of the box.

    Streamline and automate

    Streamline and automate your payment processes with LogiDebt. We’re ready to show you how

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    LogiDebt FAQs

    1. Can I customise features on LogiDebt?

      Absolutely. LogiDebt is designed to be easy to operate and self-configurable for anyone who is responsible for debt management. No extra training will be required, and our team can customise LogiDebt to meet your specific needs before we install or you download the software.

    2. Do I have to download LogiDebt from the cloud?

      Not necessarily. While the software is available from the cloud, we are also happy to install LogiDebt locally.

    3. How quickly will I be able to access the debt management information I need?

      LogiDebt is designed to save you time and money. It allows you to generate the management information you need, quickly, so you can provide your clients with a swift, efficient and accurate service.

    4. Is my data safe on LogiDebt?

      Most definitely. We know that in your line of business, the security of the information you hold about your clients is of paramount importance. So LogiDebt has in-built security systems that provide comprehensive data protection. And the software gives you the option to assign and manage permissions to control who is able to access reports and other sensitive data.

    5. How can I get LogiDebt?

      Please schedule a call with our team here

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    Manage both claims and debts

    We’ll help you manage your customers’ claims and debts

    We are one of the few suppliers of software that allow you to manage your customers’ claims and debts. Some of our competitors are good at claims, others good at debts. We hit that sweet spot by being great at both.

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