Six Powerful Business Software Solutions

Faster and more efficient business process management software.

LogiClaim – Claims Management Software

Swiftly manage financial claims with LogiClaim. Our business software handles high volumes of client claims including  packaged bank accounts, PPI claims, claims on missold mortgages, flight delay claims, and credit and debit card charge claims.

LogiDebt – Personal Debt Management Software

Track and manage personal debt repayment with LogiDebt. Our highly effective and easy-to-use debt portfolio management tool lets you automate and track large volumes of debt managment cases.

LogiLaw – Legal Caseload Management Software

Eliminate time consuming and repetitive tasks and focus on what’s important with LogiLaw. Our powerful business software solution automates case management processes allowing stress-free management of large legal caseloads of any matter type.
Automate client correspondence, schedule reminders and generate billing.

LogiPay – Direct Debits Management Software

Automate direct debit payments with LogiPay. Fast, efficient and secure, LogiPay is your solution to processing direct debits for clients and their customers. It works as an effective tool for CRM and is fully capable of processing BACS payments.

LogiPro – Rental Property Portfolio Management Software

Make managing residential or commercial property easily with LogiPro. Our business software solution is suitable for landlords, managing agents, building surveyors and accountants. Manage any number of properties with our intelligent property portfolio management software.

Customised Business Software Solutions

Looking for a business software solution not included in our product range? We’ve got you covered. Our expert team of software developers offer customised solutions for workload and business task management.

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