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Bespoke workflow management solutions for your business

Our core products can be extended and customised to create software that meets any unique demands our customers may have.

Customers are able to alter the software themselves, tweaking minor components to deliver a more personalised solution. In addition to this, we can extend the software for the customer, moving the software beyond its core functionality by implementing minor customisation elements.

In the case where a full custom solution is required, we can build new, original software, utilising existing code frameworks, to deliver a completely unique application. With this fully bespoke solution, we create software to meet any specific workflow management and software requirements a business may have. We have the solution for you.

Customisation training and assistance

Logican products are highly self-customisable. Our customisation training and assistance team are on hand to show you how to customise the product to suit your business requirements. LogiClaim, LogiDebt and LogiLaw are our most flexible and customisable software, but training and assistance is available for all of our product range.

Product Extension

A collaborative development service for customers with additional product feature needs. If our base products are missing functionality that your business needs, our product extension service teams will work with you to develop extra features. These can be added to our existing software packages.

Accelerated Bespoke Development

For customers needing a custom workload efficiency solution, our accelerated bespoke software development team are here to help. For business niches outside of our current product range, our accelerated bespoke development service can use repurposed code from our existing products to develop a bespoke solution based off of one of our existing product frameworks. This is more affordable and quicker to build than a fully bespoke solution.

Full Bespoke Development

For customers requiring a full, custom build, which incorporates additional functionality outside of core workflow management. Our full bespoke development service will create a fully featured and customised system from the ground up. Our development and business analyst teams work closely with you throughout this process to ensure you get the workload software you want.

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