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How can claims firms improve their customer’s experience?

The journey a customer takes from learning about a company to hiring them for a service can be lengthy. For those working in claims management, making a claim for a client can take a number of months or even a year depending on the complexity of the case.

Once a customer finally decides on a company to work with, it’s important to make sure the customer experience is seamless from start to finish. If not, this can result in negative reviews and a lack of customers returning in the future. Having a positive brand name is essential, especially in competitive markets.

The market for PPI claims is currently busy as companies seek to process claims for customers before the August 2019 deadline. A new fee cap means all companies must charge a maximum of 20% for successful claims. This means competition among claims management firms is fierce and only exceptional customer service will allow a firm to stand out from the crowd.

If you need to process more claims in 2019, we outline how you can improve your customer’s experience and why claims management software could be the answer you’re looking for.

Keep Customers Updated

One of the grievances some customers have is the lack of communication from companies regarding their claim. A case can take many months, but the payout at the end can be significant and worthwhile.

If you want to improve the customer experience, it’s ideal to communicate regularly with the customer. If you’ve told a customer you will update them after a month, make sure you do this — even if there is no word or progress from when you last spoke to them. Broken promises are something that customers hate, so holding up your end of the promise is crucial.

Short communication can take the form of a text or email if don’t need to talk directly with the customer. Individuals are eager to know the status of their claim and want to know how much longer it could take.

Be Clear with Your Fees and Service

Many frustrations from customers come at the end of a contract when the individual learns how much they owe a claims management company for a successful claim. This can be because the terms and conditions were in small print or VAT was not included in the initial percentage they saw on a website.

Making the fee 100% clear before the customer enters into an agreement is critical. You can communicate well and quickly get a result for a customer, but if they are left confused at the end of the process by the fee charged, they leave with a bad experience.

Answer All Questions

If your website has an FAQ page, this is an excellent location to answer all queries individuals and potential customers will have. Providing customers with the most useful information can help them feel clearer and happier to accept your services and product. If the customer is 100% confident and knowledgeable about the service they are agreeing to, it will keep them happy.

If a customer has any query on the phone, always seek to answer their questions and help them to understand the process. Good product or service knowledge was rated by 33% of people as being important when dealing with a company.

Invest in Software to Improve the Claims Management Process

If you want to improve your customer service and the journey the customer takes, buying effective claims software can be hugely beneficial. Claims software can help to improve the customer experience by doing the following:

  • Improving client communication — Software allows you to automate communication with customers so they can stay updated throughout the claims process.
  • Easy access to files — If a customer calls to inquire about their claim, employees can easily search and access records relating to the customer’s case.
  • Generate bespoke documents — The right software can produce documents specifically for claims, making the process much quicker and allowing the proper phrasing and documents to be sent to clients.

Want to improve your customer service in 2019? Look no further than claims management software by Logican to help you achieve your goals.

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