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Our unique combination of unparalleled financial expertise, business understanding and software development innovation enables us to partner with you to enhance your business processes and help you achieve goals that will:

Increase efficiency

Reduce workload

Maximise profits

Powerful business software

Key to the delivery of these goals is our flagship trio of powerful business software solutions. Each is purpose-built for its specific sector. All packages are highly customisable and include comprehensive training and support.

Ultimate claims handling software. Automate business processes, drive efficiency and maximise profits.

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Easy-to-use, ultra-efficient, IVA & debt management software. Handle more clients, boost customer engagement.

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Advanced property management software. Transform the speed and efficiency with which you manage commercial or residential property portfolios.

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You Can Rely On Our Expertise To Deliver Results

Strong Industry Experience

Having specialised in several niche industries for over a decade, we have gained a broad knowledge of the challenges and associated solutions across various industries.

Delivering results

Customer focused

Outstanding support

Ongoing investment

A goals and solutions based approach

We are not just purveyors of advanced business workflow software. We have gained a broad knowledge and we’re ready to use that expertise to devise and deliver solutions designed specifically to meet your goals.

Customer focused

Your business has unique needs. We have the skills and experience to deliver the tailor-made solutions that will meet those needs.

Outstanding support

While we’re experts at automating processes, one vital part of our operations that’s all-human is our customer service. So if you ever require support or help, you can always call on one of our real life agents to help you.

Ongoing investment

Our ever-evolving, technology-driven industry constantly requires us to adapt and change. We’re always looking for ways to improve our software and our services, honing and broadening their scope to meet new demands and market conditions.

Customer friendly solutions

Everything Logican designs, develops and delivers, has you, our client and end-user in mind. We’re here to save you time and money by automating repetitive, menial tasks, and we focus on making the management of your day-to-day operations easier.

Here are some of the ways we deliver:

Intuitive software

Rapid Delivery

Unlimited Reporting

Intuitive software

Our software is easy to understand and use. Minimal training will be required for agents and administrators alike to be able to operate and customize our software packages.

Rapid Delivery

When you give us the green light, we can quickly configure our software to suit your current set-up. No additional software development is required, so our solutions really will hit the ground running.

Unlimited MI Reporting Information

All activities are recorded and available for reporting against. Our report builder tool allows for rapid creation of easily accessible reports.

Giving you a complete picture

LogiClaim and LogiDebt make it easy for you to manage each of your client’s different claims or debts from one screen. You can also see all claim/debt/historical and scheduled activity for a client in one place. Similarly, LogiPro makes it easy to view portfolios, properties, tenants and suppliers in one place.

Integration with 3rd party products

We work with any third-party provider, by exposing API’s from our system, using the providers API or even via CSV file uploads. We are happy to integrate with the provider of your choice or recommend potential providers with whom we have already integrated our products.

Incredible automation

We know everyone is saying AI and automation is the future, and for us, it’s definitely true. Our software products already incorporate automated features, including:

Logican, incredible automation

Self-drive mode

As well as using a traditional reactive model of processing items in batches based on current state, we offer a proactive mode that drives the claims or debt management process without any user input.

Intelligent workflow

This includes the facility to intelligently drive the workflow based on current status and historical client or claim activity.

Bank statement processing

Quick and accurate processing will save your business time.

About Logican

Logican is a Manchester, UK based company which delivers intelligent business processing solutions.

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We don’t just develop outstanding business efficiency solutions: we are also ready to support your business with expertise, high quality service and innovative ideas that extend beyond the provision of software solutions.

Strong, long-term relationship

Our goal is to help you run your business more efficiently, productively and profitably. In order to do this, we’re keen to build a strong, long-term relationship with you, taking every opportunity to understand your organisation and how it works.

Highly Personalised Service

As a result, the service you will receive from Logican will be highly personalised and designed to successfully improve your business by streamlining your services.
We have the capacity to deliver results for your business, no matter its size. We achieve this by taking time to ensure you are delighted with the products and/or services you receive from us.

Expert business analysts and developers

Our business analysts and developers are experts in each of the specialised tasks for which they offer solutions. They also possess thorough knowledge of relevant broader commercial environments.

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