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Logican, a UK-based company

Logican is a UK-based company that’s been delivering efficiency-enhancing claims processing solutions and services to all kinds of clients since 2008.

LogiClaim, our solution

During that time, our innovative cornerstone solution, LogiClaim, has been used by claims management companies to streamline the operation and processing of millions of claims worth billions of pounds.

Streamline your claims processing

A pioneering claims management solution

LogiClaim was one of the first management solutions for PPI claims, and has also been used to process high volumes of Plevin, PBA, HMRC, PCP and mortgage and endowment policy mis-selling claims.

Adapted to meet ongoing changes

Working in close partnership with our customers over the years, we have adapted LogiClaim to incorporate advances in automation technology and accommodate changes imposed by defendants and regulators.

Our innovative system has been continually refined and developed to meet all challenges imposed on claims management companies and solicitors that process mis-sold financial claims.

A next generation web-based solution

Our highly-efficient, third-generation version of LogiClaim will optimise the way you process your claims, enabling large volumes to be processed with minimal human input.

So as well as introducing huge time efficiencies into your business, LogiClaim also slashes your staffing costs.

This web-based solution is extremely easy to use and streamlined for maximum speed and stability with features that include:

Numerous client onboarding options

Automated claims processing

Efficient billing

Full reporting

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When you choose LogiClaim, you’re choosing a solution that’s designed to meet your specific claims management needs.

You’ll also have access to our team of claims experts who will provide full support and training whenever you need it.

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