Companies using claims management software need to ensure that client data is kept secure and that all software is GDPR-compliant.

Personal data has been a hot topic this year. In May, the UK saw the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), causing every company to evaluate how it stores personal data. Companies both large and small have been victims of data breaches. High-profile cases, such as Facebook, Equifax and Reddit, have made consumers more aware of who has their personal details and what they do with them.

With the amount of personal data we share with companies, it’s hardly surprising that consumers are wary of how and when they give out personal data. Customers are becoming more vigilant and aware of scams and want to know where their information is being stored.

Any company using software needs to understand and ensure customers that data is kept safe at all times. Claims management companies, many of whom are busy at the moment due to the PPI deadline, will be using claims management systems software to store information. With cases regarding PPI, mis-sold mortgages or packaged bank accounts, financial information is required.

Consumers want to be sure that this personal financial data is kept secure during the claims process. How does the correct claims software ensure this?

How Software Can Keep Data Safe

  • Encryption — Software can be encrypted, which means converting data into a code that can prevent access, apart from those who need it. This ensures that data is kept secure. There are different levels of encryption, meaning a whole database, as well as individual files, can be encrypted.
  • Anti-virus software — Every business should have antivirus software that will prevent many malicious attacks.  This will work alongside the other protective methods.
  • Regular risk assessments — Companies should carry out regular risk assessments to make sure the data is not at risk in any way.
  • Keep backups — Most software will have a backup in case something goes wrong, Having this means your data is not lost if there’s a breach.

What Are The Security Features of Logican’s Claims Management System Software?

LogiClaim, the claims management systems software from Logican, has been built with security as a top priority. We ensure that all our software is GDPR compliant and our product support service means businesses can contact us at any time with queries about security.

Here are some of the security features of our claims management software:

  • Multiple levels of encryption — the entire database is encrypted at server disk level and database backups are encrypted at the file level.
  • Data subject access request — People have a right to access the data stored about them on the software. As such, a permission-based facility can export all client correspondence.
  • Ability to be forgotten — part of the GDPR regulations mean that customers have the right to have their personal data deleted immediately and to terminate correspondence. Logican’s software has a facility to automatically delete all client details, whose claims have been set to a certain configurable status.

Customers want to be assured that their personal data is safe when they work with a claims company. Knowing that your business has up-to-date and compliant software is the best way to offer clients that assurance.

When searching for claims software, companies must ask about data protection and understand how the software protects their clients.

Logican ensure all claims management systems software is kept up-to-date to prevent any data breaches. Contact us today for a free demo of our claims software.

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