Are you searching for claims management systems software? Below are some essential questions to ask before making a purchase.

Claims management companies are certainly in demand at the moment. The number of PPI claims are currently soaring, with Lloyds Banking Group receiving 11,000 claims a week, mainly due to the upcoming PPI deadline. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is using Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote the August 2019 deadline, encouraging people to make a claim before it’s too late.

Injury claims, packaged bank accounts, and flight delay claims are also on the rise with consumers, due to new legislation and the uncovering of more scandals. Claims companies handling these claims will no doubt be needing the best claims management systems software to provide maximum efficiency and profitability.

If you’re part of a claims management business today, achieving a high level of work is simply unachievable without the right software. Incorporating one should be at the top of your to-do list — but what should you be on the lookout for as you choose your software? Below, Logican outlines the four most important questions to ask when identifying the best software for your claims management business.

1. Which companies will benefit from its features?

Not all claims management software will benefit every business. Claims for PPI will vary from claims for personal injury, and so on. Certain software might simply be better suited for one specific type of claim, so find software that you’re sure is right for your business.

At Logican, our claims management systems software has features which will benefit a diverse range of claims companies. Most importantly, it’s adaptable and customisable for each business, meaning it can deal with multiple types of claims.

2. What are the best features?

Are there particular features that you’re looking for? Which aspects of claims management do you struggle with at the moment? Features such as automated contact with clients, an easy-to-use interface, and a streamlined workflow for each claim allow businesses to hire less staff and let the software take control of efficiency.

3. Is it secure?

Security and data protection is more important than ever with the GDPR regulations coming into force in May. Ensuring that data is protected and that customers’ information is secure should already be a number-one priority and, if it isn’t in the future, you’ll be at risk of legal punishments. You must check that this will be the case when you purchase claims management systems software, opting for a product that views cybersecurity just as highly as you do.

4. Are upgrades and extensions possible?

All software requires updates; it was a failure in updating software that caused the infamous Equifax data breach. It’s vital to have the most up-to-date software for your business. Here at Logican, all of our upgrades are free for customers, meaning you will always be working on the most up-to-date systems with no extra cost.

Extensions to software can increase productivity, especially if they are tailored towards your business requirements. Always ask if extensions are available on products should you require them, or if you intend to grow the business to manage different claims.

These are all the essential questions, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking even more along the way and learning as much about the product as possible. If your current claims management system software isn’t performing well in certain areas, find out how the new software deals with those issues. Most importantly, find out how you will be supported with the new software. You want to be confident that you will receive high standards of customer support as you use the new software.

Logican’s claims management systems software is the very best on the market today. It can make your claims business run efficiently while maximising profits — just like it has for so many other businesses. Contact us for a free demo of our software.

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