Accelerated bespoke development

Quick, affordable workflow management solutions for your business

Logican’s accelerated bespoke development service uses our existing code to create a customised workflow management solution to provide you with the software capabilities you need.

Bespoke Business Solutions

Your process management software, exactly as you need it.

If your business requires a unique workflow management system that isn’t covered by our existing products, our accelerated bespoke development service can help.

Our developers have years of experience in creating workflow software for a variety of clients. They will work with you to identify key issues you might be facing with your current workflow system and create software tools to handle them.

We make sure to work with you throughout the entire process, taking your specific business needs into account. We provide software training to teach your workforce how to effectively utilise the systems we build.

In addition, all of our workflow software goes through strict QA testing and is ISO 9001 accredited.

Reduced Development Time and Costs

Accelerated bespoke development saves you time and money.
We are able to develop bespoke business applications faster and more affordably by using code from our existing software as a starting point. From there, we build you a bespoke business software solution much quicker than building it from scratch.

Accelerated Bespoke Development Features

We can add features not currently supported by our ‘out of the box’ products to ensure all of your business needs are met. Examples of custom modules that we have added include more robust invoicing methods, digital signature integration, OCR functionality, and barcode reading. The end result is a software that handles all of your processes in one, easy to manage and centralised location.

Does our accelerated bespoke development sound like what you need?

Does our accelerated bespoke development sound like what you need? Get in touch today.

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